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Introduction of Jiangling motors Company

Jiangling motors

Jiangling Motors Corporation Limited (simplified Chinese: 江铃汽车公司; traditional Chinese: 江鈴汽車公司; pinyin: Jiānglíng Qìchē Gōngsī), abbreviated JMC, is a Chinese automobile manufacturer. The company has operated a commercial vehicle joint venture with Ford Motor Company since 1997. JMC also has a passenger car making joint venture with Changan, Jiangling Motor Holding, which sells vehicles under the Landwind marque.

  • 1968: JMC traces its history to Jiangxi Auto Works, which was founded in 1968 and known for its Jinggangshan-brand trucks.
  • 1984: Started to build Isuzu-brand vehicles.
  • 1993: The joint venture of Jiangling-Isuzu was founded in March. Jiangling Motors Co., Ltds. (JMC) was established in November and became listed in Shenzhen (JMC 000550.SZ) in the following month.
  • 1995: Entered partnership with Ford (Ford now has a 30% stake in JMC).
  • 1997: JMC-Ford began to roll out Transit vans.
  • 2002: Annual sales topped 50,000, with a product line featuring JMC Baodian pickup, Ford Transit vans, and JMC light-duty trucks.
  • 2005: JMC, Ford, and Changan Auto jointly founded Jiangling Motors Holding (JMH).
  • 2007: Ground was broken in December for the new vehicle plant in the Xiaolan Industrial Park in Nanchang.
  • 2008: Revamped Ford Transit was released.
  • 2009: Annual sales exceeded 100,000.
  • 2010: The first JMC-brand SUV, Yusheng, hit the market on December 5.
  • 2013: JMC Heavy Duty Vehicle Co., Ltd. was founded in Taiyuan, Shanxi, on February 22. The newly-established company and Ford started building a diesel engine plant in Taiyuan on May 20. JMC opened the new plant in the Xiaolan Industrial Park on June 20, which had a designed production capacity of 300,000 units a year.

Jiangling automobile is jiangling Motors Company Limited (SZ:000550) of its car brands, this company by the Jiangxi automobile factory, established in 1968, developed from the 2004 annual sales of 67,000 vehicles, ranked 14th among all car manufacturers in China. In 1997, the JMC/Ford, the successful launch of China's first Sino-foreign joint development car----transit. Jiangling to absorb the world's most cutting-edge product technology, manufacturing processes, management, equity restriction of effective, efficient and transparent functioning and high standard of management, the company formed a standardized management operational system, scientific system to ensure the effectiveness of corporate governance and scientific decision-making. JMC set up a research and development, logistics, sales and service and financial support, in accordance with the international standard system and operation mechanism, become a successful example of China's local enterprises to cooperate with foreign.

The enterprises in the China Enterprise Confederation and China entrepreneurs Association releases 2006 China top 500 enterprises in the world ranking of No. 274, 2007 China top 500 enterprises in the world ranking of No. 294.

Product introduction
Jiangling scroll  JMC Kai Yun  Bao Wei  Shun jiangling, jiangling, jiangling Yun PA YUSHENG S330

Jiangling collection
Jiangling • treasure is (the Sino-Japanese joint venture) classic masterpiece of jiangling Isuzu automobile company introduced, won the title of national inspection-free product, and for seven consecutive years

National diesel pickup truck sales. Jiangling • collection inherits the Isuzu family veins of design ideas and style, exquisite, comfortable and durable, smooth line, confident and handsome body complete configuration, become the object of other pickup truck raced to imitate. Jiangling collection match the diesel version JX493Q1 (4JB1) diesel engine, matching Mitsubishi electronic fuel injection gasoline engines, energy saving and environmental protection, a strong driving force.

Appearance: the design of double curvature mirror, extended rear vision, effectively reduce the driver's blind spots, improve driving safety; more broad, more streamlined in appearance, with a perfect combination of columns, are effective in reducing wind resistance. Ruby Red, construction yellow, 8 colors such as dark green shell mirrors to match the body color and consistency improves the appearance of the vehicle. Lock body by x, y, z direction, more solid locks and reduce the noise generated during exercise. Wire rope cable, structure simple and stylish, fashionable and attractive.

Interior: adopt a new style, a popular black (blue) white, red pointer instrument panel, the layout is reasonable, clear and easy to read, and more athletic.

Foldable design handle in beautiful, comfortable for the crew. Handle when not automatically spring back, collapsed, the interior space is even more open. Seat can be carried out before and after, the upper and lower four direction adjustment, steering wheel can be adjusted from many angles, so the driver optimal driving position. Body glove box increases the storage space, but also raised some of the passengers at the back left hand, make the ride more comfortable. Power window switch for the new book includes the left front door power window switch, the right front door power window switches, left and right rear door rear door power window switch power window switch and uses a new style in the design, in the main switch (that is, the left front door power window switch) control functionality added.

Jiangling book since going public in 2001, has sold 13 has a huge base of products, and in March 2014, jiangling regards diesel, gasoline version of the single-month sales are both broke the single-month sales record. The surface, jiangling book sales in March rose 6.9%, not high, but after 13 years of accumulation, base of jiangling book sales had reached nearly 8,000 levels. It would appear that the JMC book March is very eye-catching performance. Jiangling collection remains the jiangling pickup products, high-end pickup truck domain Tiger is doing quite well.
Jiangling book importance for jiangling pickup, is self-evident. Jiangling collection not only of jiangling listed oldest pickup pickup, jiangling Motors won numerous honors, jiangling won the diesel pickup truck sales for more than 10 years the title "hero". Jiangling collection, with its rugged durability, fuel efficient, low maintenance cost and other advantages, is famous for its industry, now has become a masterpiece of homemade Pi Kazhong. Jiangling regards diesel powered from the Japan Isuzu technical's legendary power 4JB1, great market ownership, [2] is a symbol of many high-end pickups. By matching technology of high pressure common rail and turbocharged and intercooled, equipped with advanced exhaust treatment system, clear exhaust particles and harmful gas emissions, jiangling book first reached the country IV emission standards.

Jiangling Kay transport
Jiangling • Kai-Yun to be guided by pragmatism and new aesthetic concepts, the introduction of international advanced technology, into user-friendly design, combined with the realistic

And the needs of Chinese users, called "full of humanity, creating configuration benchmark" model. Kai not only once again consolidated the JMC in China light truck market leader position, while China light truck market standards once again to a new height

Appearance: innovative, elegant, vision and ensure traffic safety; good headlight illumination, night driving safer and more luxurious style, is the most prominent of the "crowning touch"; combined taillight, unique, light is good, beautiful and safe, is the rear of the vehicle is a beautiful landscape.
Interior: space wide, exposure which, comfortable warm, home life, from began; instrument Board solemn elegant, miles are beauty; latest style car of LCD displayed combination instrument, various displayed everything, at a glance; leather Walnut soft quality steering wheel, car design, feel very better, control great future; according to human engineering learn principle design of aviation seat, makes driving took personnel like exposure Yu luxury cockpit, stretch freely, all suppressed fatigue, swept away.

Jiangling burwill
BUV, English name BusinessUtilityVehicle, which is commercial utility vehicles, Jane

BUV. Burwill BUV is in the SUV and pickup truck after an in-depth study of the advantages and disadvantages of come out with new models, both advantages in one, formed the new features of burwill BUV. Burwill BUV "free will" as their own advocates, not only expressed his own claim and confident, also expressed best wishes to the user--driving burwill BUV, cause there will be great. Many of user purchase treasure Granville BUV, while is based on seeing for real, Super big of Hou car space full meet they of laden needs, second is treasure Granville BUV fuel consumption low, and quality reliable, third is its tall mighty of appearance temperament, for in public, and business occasions using, to people to confidence; IV is because River Bell products of overall quality and after-sales service early has reputation, with up assured, and worry.

Appearance: car front, aerodynamic body, new headlight design, vehicle air, Wham, along with red, white, blue, and green in 6 colors to choose from.

Jiangling transit
Interior: Bao Wei Xin temperature warm fabrics and full-floating dashboard, both elegant and durable. New spoiler, side pedals, electric mirrors and new taillights, which makes the car even more stylish, dynamic. Burwill car interior power hardtop stain-resistant, warm fabrics, second row seat configuration in the middle belt, detachable skeleton in the back row, rear side Windows free push-pull, back flips to increase cargo space, and is ideal for riding laden models. Ample driving space, mahogany leather sticker-like steering wheel, nimble, brings hearts leap to motorists driving feeling. Transit in Europe there are more than 70 kinds of variants, including passenger cars, trucks, vans and a variety of chassis, is famous because of its many uses. In order to meet special needs, transit can be converted into many special vehicles, such as armored vehicles, police vehicles, postal vehicles. Transit's charm lies in its unique modern and elegant shape first. Transit is the perfect combination of looks and functions.

Appearance: classic short head of commercial vehicles in Europe and America style, styling bold yet delicate details. Designers use confidence-friendly lines, gave her the distinguished and friendly faces.

1, aerodynamics, and the sleek, transit drag coefficient of only 0.3 per cent, strong sense of speed, fuel and labor.
2, a harmonious front curves, and extended to the side waist give transit vehicles and smooth movement of passion.
3, the lower part of the window frame and black trim, and side body concave lines complement each other in the Middle, gently.
4, large panoramic windshield glass, panoramic tours, increased driving pleasure.
5, lamp split design, separate the Steering and near-light/lamp, than one-piece headlights greatly reduce maintenance costs.
6, front fog lamps and high penetration, foggy road information is also a panoramic view.
7, the FORD logo, unique brand of dignity and psychological satisfaction.
8, electric front Windows, great vision, good manipulation.
9, side door sliding, and passengers in and out.
10, after opening with a flip, and open, always meet your choice.
11, porous chrome wheel ornament cover, gorgeous movement, like the flow of art.

JMC transportation PA

Interior: about transit, luxury and beauty, the overall feeling is full of car dashboard allows you to immediately impress, as if stepping into luxury cars. With curved contour for human engineering principle, feast for the eyes. Soften the steering wheel and dashboard, delicate touch, color harmony. Control Panel partitions in integration, audio controls, air conditioning control and clock area, clear, simple manipulation. Disc tachometer and speedometer is clearly visible, vibrant. Matt imitation Walnut decoration Board, textured, more elegant taste. High-quality surround sound, provide acoustic shock. Intimate pull type Cup holders and dashboard pad paper clip design, reflect functions of the drivers. Double extra large storage boxes on the right side, both open and closed, convenient and practical. Control area with the front door kits and other intimate design complement each other. Central locking design, opens the cab door locks at the same time,Other locks are open at the same time.

Jiangling • Yun PA River is a mature model, as other models in the tongjiang Bell JMC series, Japan Isuzu advanced technologies, is equipped with energy-efficient 4JB1 diesel engine to ensure smooth compliance in a strong driving force and a light. The car is completely closed metal structure, optional air conditioning and high back seat configuration, with jiangling car fuel-efficient, stable performance and so on. Also, it uses a light truck chassis, load capacity, supplemented by large improvements in the front part of the body and power, especially for low cost, multi-purpose logistics market.
Appearance: beautiful styling and integral laminated windshield glass, so that your field of vision is more open. Body paint color is white/silver-gray, the colors are elegant and refined. New diamond Lu Su headlights, stylish, bright and eye-catching, together with the embedded bumper fog lights, imposing appearance, better light, make your car at night more safe, front and rear bumpers seamless, forward looking back, bring your love with all my heart.
Interior: Walnut-like soft steering wheel, user-friendly design, low impact standards, feel good, strong grip strength. Imitation Walnut dashboard, various combinations of switches are located within easy reach of the location, a variety of shows at a glance. Handy shorter transmission lever and hand brake, electronic LCD instrument cluster, radio, and so on.

It is reported that YUSHENG S330 is jiangling and Ford after the YUSHENG S350, the launch of a balanced personality and practical urban SUV, lock the target consumer groups enjoy the digital life of young people in the Internet era. So far, jiangling motors to Ford to shake the road from YUSHENG S350, and YUSHENG S330 field layout concept SUV has been reached. [3]
Interior: its front lights and rear lights can be flexible removal, at the time of fieldwork, as warning lights, lighting shrink back windshield can be flexible to bodywork, makes the space more variable, and such designs in the domestic market is originality. It is learnt that the JMC Tiger concept car release hope that through this domain, bringing Chinese pickup new trends.
Appearance: YUSHENG S330 concept in the design of fusion of the hatchback (Hatchback) and SUV (sport utility vehicle), two styles, a Coupe of movement and speed, and SUV through and cross-country, from momentum onto a vehicle full of tension, free Sports spirit. Car body narrow Xia wide, like a football member ready stay sent, is confidence full; forward gas grid gate used Hexagon whale mouth type design, Visual impact strong, more with personality, according to understand, this a traits also will became Yu WINS brand family type design gene, used to future launched of Yu WINS products Shang; dynamic sharp of side waist line like warriors face Shang of Totem representative fearless and determination; wheel design both muscle sense and has mechanical sense, let people produced strongly of control to.



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