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Qingling Motor Company Limited - Introduction of China Isuzu

Qingling Motor Company Limited's main product is the Japan Isuzu up-to-date technological level n, t-series light commercial vehicle, the f-series heavy duty UC series passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

Used Isuzu's most advanced turbo engine; the fuel consumption of only 7.5 liters per hundred kilometers, 1 tank of gas can travel more than 1000 km. Green environmental protection, emission Euro-II standard. High reliability, the first overhaul of more than 300,000 km. 3.2-liter 24-valve V6 engine's power, let you enjoy the pleasures of conquest, to experience the fun of speed and power, whether urban travel or leisure cross-country, is the best choice.

Quality work
Companies adhere to the "door cars, open quality" principles, concepts and methods into two markets, dynamic tracking of foreign advanced quality standards, to upgrade the management level of the manufacturing system as a breakthrough, affects the quality management level of enterprises.
1, deepening the disciplinary process, pay close attention to human behavior, quality checks, advance to the manufacturing process of human, machine, material, method, elements of the ring control.
2, fully carry out the "up" campaign, leading cadres at all levels take the lead in battle, "triple" requirement, catching visible, tangible, subtle management, improve the level of manufacturing quality.
3, pushing forward the construction of quality assurance system, enhancing quality of the quality assurance system.
Quality policy
Quality, high quality, high quality, achieving customer satisfaction.
Quality objectives
1, emission 100% engine Assembly to achieve national environmental regulations and customer requirements.
2, engine, cab, Assembly and parts manufacturing quality 100% meet product quality standards.
3, customer information is 100%.
Quality certification
Our company has passed QS9000 quality system certification and Japan's Isuzu engineering quality evaluation of competency, with international advanced quality standards, access to participate in domestic and international market competition "admission ticket".



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