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Compact body design: The Isuzu 100P water tender adopts a compact body design, which means that it can easily shuttle through narrow streets and places, which allows it to arrive at the fire scene quickly and start firefighting work as early as possible. Additionally, the compact design means it makes it easier to find a parking space in the city, which is important for both daily maintenance and attendance.文章源自Isuzu Tank truck, Isuzu Garbage Truck, Isuzu Dump Truck...-

Efficient fire pump: The Isuzu 100P water tender is equipped with a high-quality fire pump, which has a large flow rate and pressure and can quickly pump out the water in the tank and spray it to the source of the fire. This design allows firefighters to control the fire in a short time and reduce the losses caused by the fire. At the same time, the pump room is designed at the rear of the vehicle, making operation more convenient. The instrument panel and control system in the pump room allow the driver to monitor working conditions and operate the water pump at the rear of the car, improving operational flexibility.文章源自Isuzu Tank truck, Isuzu Garbage Truck, Isuzu Dump Truck...-

Humanized operation and control system: This Isuzu fire truck adopts a humanized operation and control system design, so the driver can easily operate fire pumps, water guns and other equipment. This design enables the driver to perform various operations quickly and accurately during the intense fire-fighting process, improving fire-fighting efficiency. In addition, the control system also has automated functions, such as automatic start and stop, water level monitoring, etc. These functions further improve the convenience and safety of fire extinguishing operations.Isuzu 100P water tender-图片1文章源自Isuzu Tank truck, Isuzu Garbage Truck, Isuzu Dump Truck...-

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Key Features文章源自Isuzu Tank truck, Isuzu Garbage Truck, Isuzu Dump Truck...-

  1. The efficient control and pumping system allows operators to quickly complete preparations for fire extinguishing operations.
  2. High degree of intelligence: It realizes centralized computer control of the entire vehicle, has a fully functional multimedia display system, can display the working dynamics of the entire machine at any time and perform safety control, has an automatic storage and recording function, and can display fault codes and fault conditions.
  3. The vehicle is equipped with automatic charging and inflation, megaphone, police light alarm and other devices, which can ensure the vehicle's combat readiness and rapid response.
  4. Ergonomic firefighter's seat.Isuzu 100P water tender-图片2

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Technical Parameters文章源自Isuzu Tank truck, Isuzu Garbage Truck, Isuzu Dump Truck...-

Main specifications Chassis brand ISUZU
Chassis model QL1070A6
Overall dimension(L*W*H)  5998×2000×2860mm
Water tank volume 3,000 liters
Cabin double cabin, with Air conditioner, electronic windows, USB
Chassis Drive model 4x2 left hand drive
Axle (front/rear) loading 2.5t/4.8t
Front/rear suspension 1015/1623mm
Wheel Base 3360mm
Approach/departure angle 24/13(°)
Tyre size & number 7.00R16 with one spare tyre
Transmission ISUZU MSB brand, manual, 5 gears with reverse
Max speed 98km/h
Brake Oil brake, With ABS
Color Red and white including tanker , standard .
Engine Brand ISUZU
Model 4KH1CN5HS
Engine Type Four-cylinder, in-line, water cooling, direct injection(DI) type, turbocharged, intercooling
Horse power 130 HP
Displacement 2999ml
Emission Euro 5
Upper Body
Water tank volume 3000 Liters
Tank material Carbon steel
Water tank thickness 4 mm
Fire pump model CB10/30, Normal pressure pump
Fire pump pressure ≥1.0 Mpa
Fire pump max suction height 7 m
Fire pump flow 30 (L/S)
Fire pump rated speed 3000 (r/min)
Fire pump time of drawing water ≤35 (s)
Fire pump Input 1 unit, diameter: 100mm
Fire pump Outlet 2 units, diameter: 65mm
Water-foam shooter Model PS30, mounted on the top of tank
Water-foam shooter nozzle range Water (m)≥45 m
Max Fire Fighting Distance ≥60m
Fire monitor flow 1440 (L/S)
Fire monitor rated working pressure 0.8 Mpa
Fire monitor rotation angle 360 (°)
Standard configurations Water pump operation panel in English, fender should be black, with alarm light, detachable ladder, body rear equipment box under the direction of the upward tilt of about 45 degrees, all interfaces of the vehicle and accessories are British, with a 30m roll of black high-pressure hose

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Classification and usage of special water guns for Isuzu fire trucks:文章源自Isuzu Tank truck, Isuzu Garbage Truck, Isuzu Dump Truck...-

  1. Classification of water guns for Isuzu fire trucks
  2. According to the working pressure range of the water gun, it is divided into: a) low-pressure water gun (0.2MPa-1.6MPa): b) medium-pressure water gun (>1.6MPa-2.5MPa) c) high-pressure water gun (>2.5MPa-4.0MPa)
  3. According to the form of fire extinguishing water sprayed by the water gun, it can be divided into: a) DC water gun b) Spray water gun c) DC spray water gun d) Multi-purpose water gun. The commonly used water guns are direct flow and spray water guns.

DC water gun文章源自Isuzu Tank truck, Isuzu Garbage Truck, Isuzu Dump Truck...-

The water flow injected by the DC water gun is columnar, with long range, large flow rate and strong impact. It is used to extinguish general solid material fires and provide auxiliary cooling during fire extinguishing. Generally, they can be divided into ordinary DC water guns and switch DC water guns. The switch DC water gun is composed of a ball valve switch and other components, and can control the water flow through the switch.

Spray water gun

A water gun that sprays mist-like water flow has a strong ability to extinguish indoor fires in buildings. It can also extinguish live equipment fires, combustible dust fires, and some oil fires.

Multipurpose water gun

It can spray straight jets, mist jets, and some can also spray water curtains, and several water flows can be interchanged and used in combination, with good maneuverability and good adaptability to fire scenes.

Multifunctional water gun

The water gun has the advantages of small reaction force, easy operation, the flow rate and jet state can be adjusted according to the needs of fire extinguishing, and it is easy to straighten out the distortion and knotting of the water belt.

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How to use the water gun of Isuzu fire truck

  1. Open the fire hydrant door and take out the water hose and water gun.
  2. Check whether the hose and joints are in good condition. If they are damaged, do not use them.
  3. Lay the hose in the direction of the fire scene, taking care to avoid twisting.
  4. Connect the water hose to the fire hydrant, insert the connecting buckle into the chute accurately, and tighten it clockwise.
  5. After the connection is completed, at least two operators should hold the water gun tightly and aim it at the fire source (it is strictly prohibited to target people to avoid high-pressure injuries). The other operator slowly opens the fire hydrant valve to the maximum and sprays at the root of the fire source. Fight the fire until it is completely out.


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Company Profile

Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer of special trucks in China, with over 20 years of experience and development. As the core member of Chengli Truck Group, the company has registered trademarks of CHENGLIWEI and CLW.

With a capital of 2 billion RMB and a target output of 1.5 billion dollars by 2023, Chengli employs over 10,000 individuals in their state-of-the-art facilities spread across 500 acres. The company cooperates with renowned chassis manufacturers and offers a wide range of over 300 truck series, including tank, garbage, special working, cargo transport, and engineering trucks.

Chengli prides itself on solid technology, flawless inspection, advanced equipment, and flexible operation modes. All products are backed by a 1-year warranty, lifetime maintenance, and free technical service.

With a focus on efficiency and customer satisfaction, Chengli looks forward to expanding its global footprint and seeking more cooperation in the coming years.

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Success Cases

Chengli Group, a leading player in China's special vehicle manufacturing, strives for innovation and excellence in producing world-class special vehicles. The Group views meeting international demands and exploring overseas markets as a strategy and a promise to its global customer base. Chengli is committed to technological research and product innovation, recognizing that enhancing product quality and performance is key to satisfying diverse global needs. With ambitions beyond the domestic market, Chengli eyes global opportunities for broader cooperation.

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Africa, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, and the Middle East offer immense market potential for high-quality, cost-effective special vehicles. Chengli seizes this chance, planning to expand its sales and service network to deliver superior customer service. The Group's philosophy revolves around the "win-win" principle, which forms the foundation of its relationships with global customers and partners.



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