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ISUZU aerial work vehicle also known as ISUZU aerial work platform truck, ISUZU bucket truck, ISUZU boom lift truck, is a special-purpose vehicle that is usually used for operations at high altitudes, such as electrical maintenance, equipment installation, etc. Compared with ordinary aerial work vehicles, ISUZU insulated aerial work platform truck have good insulation performance and can operate in high-voltage electricity environments to ensure the safety of workers.文章源自Isuzu Tank truck, Isuzu Garbage Truck, Isuzu Dump Truck...-

The body of the ISUZU aerial lift truck is made of insulating materials, which can effectively isolate the contact between the vehicle and high-voltage electricity, avoiding the occurrence of electric shock accidents. At the same time, the vehicle is also equipped with a variety of advanced operating equipment, such as insulating arms, lifting platforms, etc., which can meet the needs of different heights and different operating environments.文章源自Isuzu Tank truck, Isuzu Garbage Truck, Isuzu Dump Truck...-

ISUZU boom lift truck also have the characteristics of easy operation, good stability, and strong load-bearing capacity, which can greatly improve work efficiency and quality, and reduce the work intensity and risks of operators. Therefore, the vehicle is widely used in high-altitude operations such as electric power, communications, and street lighting.文章源自Isuzu Tank truck, Isuzu Garbage Truck, Isuzu Dump Truck...-

ISUZU bucket lift trucks are widely used in the following scenarios:文章源自Isuzu Tank truck, Isuzu Garbage Truck, Isuzu Dump Truck...-

  1. Electric power work: ISUZU aerial work vehicles are very useful in power work, especially for inspection, repair and installation on high-voltage lines. Due to its good insulation properties, it can ensure that workers can work safely at high altitudes.
  2. Communication operations: In the field of communication, aerial work vehicles are used to install and repair signal towers, optical cables and other facilities. ISUZU manlift trucks can meet the installation and maintenance needs of various communication facilities due to their excellent stability and load-bearing capacity.
  3. Electrical maintenance: ISUZU truck mounted aerial platform plays an important role in electrical maintenance and overhaul. It provides a height-adjustable work platform that allows power engineers to access equipment such as transmission lines, transformers and power towers for inspection, repair and installation work.
  4. Building maintenance: In terms of building maintenance, ISUZU aerial work platform trucks can be used for cleaning, repair and maintenance of high-rise buildings. Due to its height adjustability, it can be adapted to buildings of different heights.
  5. Municipal facilities maintenance: This vehicle can be used for the maintenance and upkeep of municipal facilities, such as street light repair, sign replacement, tree trimming and installation of urban decorations. Through the aerial work platform, workers can easily reach higher positions and improve maintenance efficiency.
  6. Film and television shooting: Provide a stable shooting platform for photographers to shoot high-altitude scenes.

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Key Features文章源自Isuzu Tank truck, Isuzu Garbage Truck, Isuzu Dump Truck...-

  1. The maximum extension angle of the upper arm reaches 90°, so that it can be adjusted to the best working position.
  2. Two sets of operating systems can complete various operating actions on the working bucket and turntable.
  3. The outriggers are individually adjustable. Each outrigger can be adjusted individually according to the working ground environment. Even if the ground is uneven, the entire vehicle can be adjusted to a stable state.
  4. Both the lifting and rotating movements can realize stepless speed regulation, that is, in the upper and lower operating systems, the speed of the lifting and rotating movements can be realized from zero to the maximum, so that the whole vehicle can move smoothly during the operation, so that Workers feel more secure and comfortable.
  5. The upper and lower operating tables are equipped with operating lights. There is also a large light on the work bucket for night operations.
  6. The turntable and work bucket are equipped with engine start and shutdown buttons, which can remotely control the start and shutdown of the engine. When the work bucket enters the operating state, the engine can be shut down to reduce fuel consumption. When the operation is completed, it can be restarted.ISUZU aerial work vehicle-图片2

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Product Specifications文章源自Isuzu Tank truck, Isuzu Garbage Truck, Isuzu Dump Truck...-

Vehicle Information
Vehicle name ISUZU Insulated aerial work platform truck
Overall dimension 5900×2000×3200 mm
Gross vehicle weight 7300 kg
Curb weight 7080 kg
Chassis Information
Cabin ISUZU ELF , single row cabin , A/C
Seats 2
Wheelbase 3360 mm
Front/rear axle 2500/4800 kg
Front/rear wheel track 1504/1425 mm
No. of leaf spring 8/6+5
Brake Oil brake
Tire 7.00R16, 6+1 pcs
Fuel tank 100 L
Model 4KH1CN5HS
Emission standard Euro V
Fuel type Diesel
Power 96kw/130hp
Type 4 cylinders, in line, water cooling, turbocharged
Displacement 2999 ml
Boom type Articulated Booms
Upper boom lifting angle 70°
Lower boom lifting angle 70°
Turn around angle 360°
Material Fiberglass, insulated
Size 1100×650×1100 mm
Payload 200 kg
Max. Rated Load 200kg(2 persons)
Max. Working Height 16M
Max Height off ground 14.3M
Max. working range 7M
Adjustment Individual adjustment
type H type
Max. loading 1000kg

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Company Profile

Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer of special trucks in China, with over 20 years of experience and development. As the core member of Chengli Truck Group, the company has registered trademarks of CHENGLIWEI and CLW.

With a capital of 2 billion RMB and a target output of 1.5 billion dollars by 2023, Chengli employs over 10,000 individuals in their state-of-the-art facilities spread across 500 acres. The company cooperates with renowned chassis manufacturers and offers a wide range of over 300 truck series, including tank, garbage, special working, cargo transport, and engineering trucks.

Chengli prides itself on solid technology, flawless inspection, advanced equipment, and flexible operation modes. All products are backed by a 1-year warranty, lifetime maintenance, and free technical service.

With a focus on efficiency and customer satisfaction, Chengli looks forward to expanding its global footprint and seeking more cooperation in the coming years.

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Success Cases

Chengli Group, a leading player in China's special vehicle manufacturing, strives for innovation and excellence in producing world-class special vehicles. The Group views meeting international demands and exploring overseas markets as a strategy and a promise to its global customer base. Chengli is committed to technological research and product innovation, recognizing that enhancing product quality and performance is key to satisfying diverse global needs. With ambitions beyond the domestic market, Chengli eyes global opportunities for broader cooperation.

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Africa, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, and the Middle East offer immense market potential for high-quality, cost-effective special vehicles. Chengli seizes this chance, planning to expand its sales and service network to deliver superior customer service. The Group's philosophy revolves around the "win-win" principle, which forms the foundation of its relationships with global customers and partners.



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