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The Isuzu water truck for firefighting is a specialized vehicle designed to combat and control fires effectively. It is equipped with a large water tank and advanced firefighting equipment, making it an essential tool for fire departments and emergency response teams. This water fire truck Isuzu is customized to meet the specific needs and requirements of firefighting operations, ensuring a quick and efficient response to fire emergencies.

The Isuzu fire water truck is designed for various firefighting applications, including residential areas, commercial buildings, industrial sites, and forest fires. It plays a crucial role in ensuring public safety and protecting properties from fire hazards.Isuzu fire water truck for firefighting-图片1文章源自Isuzu Tank truck, Isuzu Garbage Truck, Isuzu Dump Truck...-

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Key features

- Large Water Tank: The Isuzu fire water truck is equipped with a sizable water tank, allowing it to store a significant amount of water for firefighting purposes.文章源自Isuzu Tank truck, Isuzu Garbage Truck, Isuzu Dump Truck...-

- High-Pressure Pump System: It is equipped with a powerful high-pressure pump system capable of delivering water at high velocity, ensuring effective suppression of flames.文章源自Isuzu Tank truck, Isuzu Garbage Truck, Isuzu Dump Truck...-

- Firefighting Equipment: The water truck is fitted with specialized firefighting equipment such as hoses, nozzles, and monitors that aid in extinguishing fires.文章源自Isuzu Tank truck, Isuzu Garbage Truck, Isuzu Dump Truck...-

- Durability: The Isuzu water truck is built with robust materials and a sturdy chassis, ensuring its durability and ability to withstand the demands of firefighting operations.文章源自Isuzu Tank truck, Isuzu Garbage Truck, Isuzu Dump Truck...-

- Maneuverability: This water truck is designed for easy maneuvering, enabling it to navigate through narrow streets or challenging terrains, ensuring quick firefighting responses.Isuzu fire water truck for firefighting-图片2文章源自Isuzu Tank truck, Isuzu Garbage Truck, Isuzu Dump Truck...-

 文章源自Isuzu Tank truck, Isuzu Garbage Truck, Isuzu Dump Truck...-

Advantages文章源自Isuzu Tank truck, Isuzu Garbage Truck, Isuzu Dump Truck...-

- Rapid Response: The Isuzu water fire truck offers a rapid response to fire emergencies, ensuring timely action and minimizing potential damage.文章源自Isuzu Tank truck, Isuzu Garbage Truck, Isuzu Dump Truck...-

- Efficient Fire Suppression: With its high-pressure pump system and firefighting equipment, this truck provides efficient fire suppression capabilities.

- Customization: The water truck can be customized based on specific requirements, such as the addition of foam systems or specialized compartments for extra firefighting equipment.

- Reliability: Isuzu trucks are known for their reliability, ensuring long-term performance, durability, and minimal downtime.Isuzu fire water truck for firefighting-图片3


Main specifications

Chassis Specification
Truck model PT5075GXF
Cab ISUZU Single cabin
Driving Type 4*2 Left hand driving
Max Speed (km/h) 85
Overall dimension(mm)  



GVW( kg) 7300
Mass in working order( kg) 4600
Wheelbase(mm) 3800
Tire 7.50R16
Gear box 6 speed
Bridge Front axle 2.7T
Rear axle 7.2T
Engine Fuel Type Diesel fuel
Exhaust(ml) 3700
Max output power(hp) 116
Tank Material Water Tank High quality carbon steel plate, anti-rust treatment


Total 3000L
Water Tank 3000L
Foam Tank NIL
Equipment box Equipment box: at the back of carriage, there are two-layer clapboard, can store equipment. There is safe ladder to up and down on the back of equipment box.
Structure: whole frame is welded to ensure intension and rigidity.
Material: frame is high quality steel, inner plague is aluminum embossed sheet, surface is anodic processed.
pump room on the rear or central of truck, there are pump system and pipeline, reasonable structure. Easily operate all meters and operate-switch.
Additional drive  system Use sandwich PTO, splashing-type lubricate, can put out fire when driving.
Additional operation system PTP operation lever, fire pump valve operation lever, electronic control button, Hand accelerator operation lever and son on
Additional cooling system The additional cooling system uses a mandatory water cooling for PTO. Can effectively control the fire truck equipment to extend the service life of equipment because of long hours of continuous work related to the heating
Additional Electrical system system warning light ,warning sirens
Pump pneumatic control valve switch,Pump speedometer,Electronic level gauge
Fire lights, pump room lights, equipment box lights

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After-sales service:

We offer comprehensive after-sales service and support for the Isuzu water truck. Our dedicated team of technicians is available for maintenance, repairs, and technical assistance whenever required. We prioritize customer satisfaction and strive to ensure that the water truck operates at peak performance.

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- Can the water truck be customized with additional equipment like foam systems or water cannons?

Yes, the water truck can be customized according to specific requirements. Additional equipment such as foam systems or water cannons can be installed based on the customer's needs.


- Are there different tank sizes available for the water truck?

Yes, the water truck can be customized with different tank sizes, depending on the volume requirements of firefighting operations.


- Can the Isuzu water truck be used for other purposes aside from firefighting?

While the primary purpose of the truck is firefighting, it can be adapted for other applications such as dust suppression or water transportation depending on the customer's requirements.


- What is the warranty period for the Isuzu water truck?

The warranty period for the water truck is subject to the manufacturer's terms and conditions. Please contact our sales team for specific warranty details.


Upper Body Customization:

We offer flexibility in upper body customization, allowing customers to design and configure the water truck according to their specific needs. This includes the layout of compartments, storage areas, and firefighting equipment placement.


Truck Chassis Choice:

The Isuzu water fire truck can be mounted onto various Isuzu chassis options based on the desired load capacity and maneuverability. Our range of chassis choices ensures that customers can select the most suitable base for their firefighting operations.



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Company Profile

Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer of special trucks in China, with over 20 years of experience and development. As the core member of Chengli Truck Group, the company has registered trademarks of CHENGLIWEI and CLW.

With a capital of 2 billion RMB and a target output of 1.5 billion dollars by 2023, Chengli employs over 10,000 individuals in their state-of-the-art facilities spread across 500 acres. The company cooperates with renowned chassis manufacturers and offers a wide range of over 300 truck series, including tank, garbage, special working, cargo transport, and engineering trucks.

Chengli prides itself on solid technology, flawless inspection, advanced equipment, and flexible operation modes. All products are backed by a 1-year warranty, lifetime maintenance, and free technical service.

With a focus on efficiency and customer satisfaction, Chengli looks forward to expanding its global footprint and seeking more cooperation in the coming years.

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Success Cases

Chengli Group, a leading player in China's special vehicle manufacturing, strives for innovation and excellence in producing world-class special vehicles. The Group views meeting international demands and exploring overseas markets as a strategy and a promise to its global customer base. Chengli is committed to technological research and product innovation, recognizing that enhancing product quality and performance is key to satisfying diverse global needs. With ambitions beyond the domestic market, Chengli eyes global opportunities for broader cooperation.

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Africa, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, and the Middle East offer immense market potential for high-quality, cost-effective special vehicles. Chengli seizes this chance, planning to expand its sales and service network to deliver superior customer service. The Group's philosophy revolves around the "win-win" principle, which forms the foundation of its relationships with global customers and partners.



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