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Isuzu Giga heavy wrecker tow truck is a type of Isuzu tow truck, also called Isuzu Giga underlift tow truck or Giga Isuzu road recovery towing truck. It is mainly used for rescue, cleaning, transportation, hoisting, towing and other rescue work of heavy-sized vehicles in highway and other road accidents or breakdowns. It serves the purpose of ensuring smooth roads and towing failed vehicles away from the scene. In our country, there are 30-ton, 40-ton, 50-ton, and 55-ton medium and heavy-duty tow truck models.Isuzu Giga heavy wrecker tow truck-图片1

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Isuzu giga 40ton Towing Recovery Truck have multiple functions, including lifting, lifting, towing, towing, etc. It can lift the axles, wheels, leaf springs, frames, etc. of the accident vehicle to facilitate loading and unloading. At the same time, it can also use the extension and amplitude of the boom to drag or lift the accident vehicle from and near the roadbed to the road surface. In addition, the heavy-duty tow truck is also equipped with large warning lights and alarms to provide clear signs during the tow truck operation, and has the auxiliary lighting function for night rescue.Isuzu Giga heavy wrecker tow truck-图片2文章源自Isuzu Tank truck, Isuzu Garbage Truck, Isuzu Dump Truck...-

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Key Features

1. Purpose of Recovery Truck: ISUZU GIGA wrecker/recovery truck/towing truck is used for towing break-down cars or vehicle or bus or trailers on road.With increasing ownership of private cars,wreckers are now widly used by government organization or towing company.
2. Optional brand of Recovery Truck :howo,Dongfeng,Isuzu,JAC,JMC,Foton,Shacman...
3. Spare parts of Recovery Truck  : Italy brand multi-way valve and balance valve; Gernamy Roxroth technology hydraulic cylinder and joint; imported sealing element; strengthed checked plate
4. Capacity range of Recovery Truck:3ton, 4ton, 5ton, 6ton, 8ton, 12ton, 16ton, 20ton, 25ton, 31ton, 40ton, 50ton
5. Fifth wheel attachment is optional for towing trailers as followsIsuzu Giga heavy wrecker tow truck-图片3文章源自Isuzu Tank truck, Isuzu Garbage Truck, Isuzu Dump Truck...-

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Main specifications

Wrecker structure parameters                                                                   
Boom Max Lifting Weight 30000 kg
Boom extended length 4500 mm
Max. Lifting Height 12300 mm
Inclination Angle 5°- 60°
Rotating Angle 360°
Number of Stages 3 Stages
Outriggers Rated Lifting Weight 12500 kg
Rated Lifting Fully Extended Weight 4500 kg
Longitudinal Span between Front Outrigger and Rear Outrigger 7350 mm
Transverse Span of Front Outriggers 5490 mm
Transverse Span of Rear Outriggers 4387 mm
Rated Towing Weight 50000 kg
Length of Cable Wire 25 m
Equipment High quality hydraulic part, single-level telescopic lifting arm, two units of hydraulic winch 15ton , tool case, two outriggers, manual operation device, two floodlight, one alarm lamp and basic accessories
Cabin GIGA standard cabin,left hand drive,with air conditioner,allowed for 2~3 persons
No load(kg) Curb Weight 13070
Front axle 7000*2
Rear axle 18000*2
Full load Max. Overall Weight 31000
Overall Dimensions(mm) Length 11430
Width 2500
Height 3270
Wheel base(mm) 1800+4600+1350
Track(mm) 2022/1830
F/R Suspension(mm) 1500/2200
A/D Angle(°) 16/18
Driving Model 8X4
Tyre 12R22.5
Max. Speed(km/h) 105
Max. Grade-ability(%) 30
Min. Turning Diameter(m) 22.6
Min. Ground clearance(mm) 310
Engine Model ISUZU 6WG1
Horsepower(HP) 420
Displacement(mL) 9726
Transmission FAST 12-Shift, 10 forwards&2 reverses
Max. Towing Weight(kg) 43000
Lifting System Max. Lifting Weight(kg) 25000
Max. Lifting Weight under all extension(kg) 8300
Effective Length of Corbeling Arm(mm) 3650
Extend-retract of Corbeling Arm(mm) 1750
Slope Angle of Corbeling Arm(°) 7
Folding angle under no load(°) -7~92
Folding angle under load(°) -7~16
Max. Ground Distance(mm) ≮900
Landing Strength(KN) 80*2
Hydraulic Hose Tianhe,Guangdong Province
Hydraulic Joint Germany technology and exported Sealing rings
Hydraulic Lock Jiangyin Mingcheng Hydraulic and Mechanical Co.,Ltd.
Swivel Joint Yangzhou Zhongmei Pressure Parts Co.,Ltd.
Compartment plate One-step Modeling by Germany 3P2A 1000T punching machine

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The lifting function is the most important function of the Isuzu rotary tow truck. It uses the telescopic, lifting, folding and other movements of the supporting arm to lift the damaged vehicle from the front or rear, and then tow the entire vehicle away from the scene.The brackets of Isuzu tow trucks have various structural forms. They can generally lift the axles, wheels, leaf springs, frames, etc. of the accident vehicle and are easy to assemble and disassemble.文章源自Isuzu Tank truck, Isuzu Garbage Truck, Isuzu Dump Truck...-

The Isuzu rotator tow truck is also equipped with a support mechanism.The support mechanism includes front legs and rear legs.Complex rescues often require lateral lifting and towing operations with a boom.The support mechanism greatly improves the overturning resistance of the tow truck when it is lifted sideways.文章源自Isuzu Tank truck, Isuzu Garbage Truck, Isuzu Dump Truck...-

Wrecker Towing Truck Details ISUZU GIGA new 40ton crane lifting recovery truck 30ton integrated wrecker truck for sale文章源自Isuzu Tank truck, Isuzu Garbage Truck, Isuzu Dump Truck...-

Isuzu giga 40ton Towing Recovery Truck is a kind of rescue equipment with comprehensive functions and powerful performance. It is mainly used for handling road breakdown vehicles, urban illegal vehicles, and carrying out rescue and rescue tasks. Here are some of the main rescue jobs that heavy duty tow trucks can perform:文章源自Isuzu Tank truck, Isuzu Garbage Truck, Isuzu Dump Truck...-

Road traffic accident scene rescue: After a traffic accident, Isuzu giga 40ton Towing Recovery Truck can quickly arrive at the scene to evacuate and tow damaged vehicles. Using functions such as lifting and hoisting, the vehicle can be towed or hoisted from the roadbed or places near the roadbed to the road surface to provide space for subsequent rescue and survey work, ensuring smooth roads and ensuring the safety of the site.文章源自Isuzu Tank truck, Isuzu Garbage Truck, Isuzu Dump Truck...-

Vehicle breakdown handling: When a vehicle breaks down on a highway or expressway, a heavy-duty tow truck can quickly tow it to a safe area to avoid affecting traffic flow and ensure road safety.

Handling of illegally parked vehicles in the city: Isuzu giga 40ton Towing Recovery Truck can also tow and move illegally parked vehicles to maintain traffic order on urban roads.

Rescue and rescue: In special circumstances, such as natural disasters or other emergencies, heavy-duty tow trucks can also use their powerful functions and performance to participate in rescue and rescue work, helping rescuers arrive at the scene in time to carry out rescue operations.

In addition, heavy-duty tow trucks can also be used in urban management fields, such as urban road cleaning and urban drainage system maintenance, as well as highway maintenance fields, such as road guardrail repair, etc.



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Company Profile

Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer of special trucks in China, with over 20 years of experience and development. As the core member of Chengli Truck Group, the company has registered trademarks of CHENGLIWEI and CLW.

With a capital of 2 billion RMB and a target output of 1.5 billion dollars by 2023, Chengli employs over 10,000 individuals in their state-of-the-art facilities spread across 500 acres. The company cooperates with renowned chassis manufacturers and offers a wide range of over 300 truck series, including tank, garbage, special working, cargo transport, and engineering trucks.

Chengli prides itself on solid technology, flawless inspection, advanced equipment, and flexible operation modes. All products are backed by a 1-year warranty, lifetime maintenance, and free technical service.

With a focus on efficiency and customer satisfaction, Chengli looks forward to expanding its global footprint and seeking more cooperation in the coming years.

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Success Cases

Chengli Group, a leading player in China's special vehicle manufacturing, strives for innovation and excellence in producing world-class special vehicles. The Group views meeting international demands and exploring overseas markets as a strategy and a promise to its global customer base. Chengli is committed to technological research and product innovation, recognizing that enhancing product quality and performance is key to satisfying diverse global needs. With ambitions beyond the domestic market, Chengli eyes global opportunities for broader cooperation.

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Africa, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, and the Middle East offer immense market potential for high-quality, cost-effective special vehicles. Chengli seizes this chance, planning to expand its sales and service network to deliver superior customer service. The Group's philosophy revolves around the "win-win" principle, which forms the foundation of its relationships with global customers and partners.



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