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This Isuzu Joint sewer dredging vehicle, also known as Isuzu brand combination vacuum jetting truck or sewer vacuum truck Isuzu, is a kind of vehicle specially used to suck, transport, and transfer sludge and sewage in sewer lines, rainwater wells, and sedimentary wells. It can help to reduce the labor intensity of work in sewer as well as to keep poisonous gases away from workers.
It is not only a good choice for cleaning pipelines, but also a good assistant for large factories to deal with sewage, greasy dirt, and wastewater. Besides, sometimes it can be even used to clean brooks.
Apart from sucking, cleaning, and dredging sewer lines, this combination vacuum jetting truck possesses other advantages. The first one lies in that its advanced sewage circulation filtration system can recycle the sucked wastewater, thus saving a great deal of water. The second advantage is that the recycling use of water can help to reduce the times of adding and pouring out water, thus improving the work efficiency greatly.
This sewer vacuum truck mainly consists of chassis, tank, vacuum system, high pressure system, driving system, water recycling system, hydraulic system, and electrical system.
It should adopt RORO.
We can provide triaxial and biaxial combination vacuum jetter trucks for you to choose.
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Performance of Isuzu sewer dredging cleaning truck:
1. It has incorporated vacuum sewage sucking, high-pressure cleaning, water recycling, large swing arm holder of hydraulic driving suction tubes, automatically retractable cleaning water pipes with length of 120m, and hydraulic driving system into just one body.
2. It can increase the water usage ratio by 100%, and by recycling water constantly, it can deal with more sewage as much as 175% that of other similar trucks
3. It enjoys 50% higher work efficiency, and 30% higher loading capacity.
4. This sewer vacuum truck can take continuous vacuum suction work.
5. It has a high-efficiency cleaning system to clean its sewage tank.
6. The sludge discharged by this truck can meet the high environmental standards.Isuzu Joint sewer dredging vehicle-图片2

Main specifications

Truck model ISUZU sewage suction truck
Model QL1100TKARY
Vehicle size (mm) 6800×2000×2350
A/D angle 20/16
F/R hang (mm) 1015/1525
Total mass (Kg) 6495
Rated mass (Kg) 4000
Curb weight (Kg) 2050
Max speed (km/h) 98
Axles 2
Wheelbase 3815
Wheel loading 1805/2690
Steel spring NO 3/3+2
Tyre NO 6
Tyre size 7.00R16 8PR
Front tread 1504
Rear tread 1525
Engine Model Euro 4 engine
Power 96
Horse power 130HP
TANKER Sewage tanker 2000gallons
I SUZU  jetting sewage truck Oily water separator, air water separator, special vacuum excrement suction pump, pressure volume gauge, pipeline system, the sucking tube, flow valve, vacuum tank, a communicating device (as the dung window), automatic anti-overflow valve these parts
More tanker equipment
I SUZU  jetting sewage truck Vane rotor pump with 4-way-value
Vacuum pump
Suction tube diameter 108mm
High pressure water pump Bentian brand
assembly Oil-water separator,
gas-water separator,
Hydraulic self-unloading device,
Special vacuum suction pump,
Pressure volume table,
Pipe network system,
Aspiration catheter,
Gravity valve,
Vacuum tank,Connector ( depending on the dung window ),
automatic anti-overflow valve,
Isuzu Joint sewer dredging vehicle-图片3Water flushing system
Brand: WOMA
Type: 185 ARP-GGG
Flow/pump: ± 406 l/min
Max Pressure: ± 180 bar
Power requirement: ± 135 kW
Drive line: Hydraulically driven from the 2nd PTO exit on the gearbox. Largely dimensioned and adequately protected for safe operation.
Jetting pump engaged and disengaged from the main control panel.
Safety features: The jetting pump will be automatically disengaged at minimum water level.
Water supply tank: Capacity ±3000L, incorporated with the cooling water tank.
Filling device, overflow and drain ducts are foreseen with the necessary valves and quick couplings.
Manhole is foreseen.
Water level sight glass with couplings at top and bottom for cleaning purposes.
Low level water detection in water tank.
Suction hose: 20m length, made in stainless steel with flexible tubing and foreseen with a water filter and the necessary isolation valves.
Pressure hose: The pressure duct can be connected to the air supply system of the truck to blow out all water in case of temperatures below 0°.
Manual set water pressure regulation device with overflow to the water tank.
Jetting hose reel: 200m cleaning length. Executed in stainless steel,fixed rear mounted,
swivelling through 180°
Drived by hydraulic motor.
Coiling off manually operated, coiling on automatic (spring system)
Foreseen with lever operated ball valve.
Power takeoff
The chassis has to be equipped at your expenses with:
-: 1 PTO on the gearbox with twin outlets:
o: 1 outlet for driving the vacuum pump
o: 1 outlet for driving the needed hydraulic pumps
-: All outlets is able to work simultaneously when needed at their full power demand.
-: The exact execution of the PTO has to be determined together with our technical department.
Pressure vacuum tank
Shape: Cylindrical shaped tank with U-sectional external stiffening rings.
Material: Stainless steel, grade A240-316L (1.4404 acc DIN)
Capacity: ±5,000 Litres
Baffles: None foreseen.
Wall Thickness: ± 6 mm
Head Thickness: ± 6 mm (torispherical heads)
Design pressure: FV and 4,0 bar overpressure
Working pressure: -0.9 bar underpressure and 2 bar overpressure
Tipping ram: Front tipping ram with safety support for easy working under a tipped tank.
Manhole: 1 Off manhole, positioned on the top centre line of the barrel.
Overpressure safety: A bursting disc [graphite] is mounted with overpressure relief valve,flame arrestor and pressure gauge
Walkway: Aluminium low level walkway to man-way, with rigidly fixed handrail, accessible by ladder.
Vent Valve: A 80mm stainless steel butterfly valve, pneumatically operated from the main control panel, on tank top.
Discharge gutter: A stainless steel discharge gutter will be mounted at the rear to protect the chassis.
Advertising boards: Mounted on both sides of the barrel. Boards to be in aluminium, painted.
Rear door: Full door with hydraulically opening operation and heavy, adjustable hinges. No threshold because door bottom is at same level as tank floor.
Safety: Hydraulic check valves with auto check and mechanical hold in upper position.
Locking mechanism: The door is locked by hydraulic operated clamps.
Seal: Positive seal with rubber seal in neoprene.
Content indicator: By means of a stainless steel floating ball inside the tank and an indicating arrow on the outside.
When the tank is full, the suction duct is closed automatically and a horn signal is activated. By means of a by-pass switch you can still empty the suction hoses.
Inlet valve: One off 150mm ball valve, brand BV, with manual operation. Valve to be in steel with stainless steel ball and PTFE seals. Located in base of rear door. A riser pipe is fitted to the inlet line with a suitable bend. Terminating in 6” Camlock male connection with blank cap.
Outlet Valve: One off 150mm ball valve, brand BV, with manual operation. Valve to be in steel with stainless steel ball and PTFE seals. Located in base of rear door. Terminating in 6” Camlock male connection with blank cap. Valves locked pneumatically during transport.Isuzu Joint sewer dredging vehicle-图片4
Vacuum pump
Type: Liquid ring vacuum pump, make KENFLO, driven from the PTO on the gearbox with cardan shaft and V-belts. Engage and disengage from drivers cab, continuous operate at 8 meters of water vacuum..
Air Flow: ± 30,000lpm
Suction depth: 10m vertical depth below ground level.
Power requirement: ± 85 kW
Ductwork: 6" – in stainless steel and rubber hosing
Equipment: 1st cut-off with stainless steel floating ball, at top of tank.
stainless steel secondary cut-off.
Pneumatic operated transport valve on top of tank.
Non return valve at pump entrance.
Snifter valve 2”
Exhaust: On top of the water tank and at ground level. The upper exhaust is executed as “chimney” exhaust. Both exhausts are foreseen with a male coupling.
Pump cooling: Water tank in stainless steel 304(L), ± 1.500L, mounted just behind the drivers cab and foreseen with filling duct and discharge line, manhole and 40/30mm acrylic sight glass.
Cooling duct to pump foreseen with automatic operated isolation valve.
Filtration system
Brand Klass(Germany)
made of stainless steel, debris dewatered to at least 80% of solid content.
granularity 500μm
Tank mounting
The chassis will be equipped at our expense with a sub frame acc. chassis manufacturer's prescriptions.
At the rear, the tank is equipped with 2 heavy hinge points.
At the front, the tank rests in a tank saddle with rubber lining.
Hydraulic – pneumatic and electrical equipment
Equipment: All needed control valves and equipment for a smooth and easy operation of the unit are installed.
Hydraulic: The needed hydraulic pump is mounted directly onto the PTO on the gearbox.
The unit is foreseen with a suitable oil tank and the needed filters and valves.
Pneumatic: The necessary air supply is taken from the main air supply of the truck. The necessary safety valves are installed.
Electrical: The needed electrical current, 24VDC, is taken from the trucks electrical system and is foreseen with the needed fuses.
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Earthing: An earthing reel with 10m cable and spike is mounted.
Emergency stop: An emergency stop is installed on the main control panel.
Rotary beacon: 1 off amber coloured rotary beacon is mounted at the top at the rear.
Working light: 1 off working light is foreseen at the rear.
Control panel
Controls: All necessary controls needed for good operation are provided and will be discussed with the customer prior to mounting.
Labels: The whole unit is foreseen with clearly engraved labels where necessary.
Speed governor: A speed governor is foreseen at the control panel. Pre-wiring for this has to be executed by the chassis supplier at his expense.
Hose racks: On one side a stainless steel hose storage rack with solid bottom. Length according to available place.
Swivel arm: swivelling in both the vertical and horizontal plane.
Tool boxes: On one side a multi compartment stainless steel toolbox is foreseen. The control panel is also located inside this box.
Mudwings: Synthetic mudwings are foreseen on all rear axles.
Traffic regulation: All necessary items to comply with the local traffic regulations are mounted on the truck.
Underrun protection: At the rear a fixed underrun protection will be installed.
Sandblasting: All steel and stainless steel parts are sandblasted to grade SA2.5
Paint: The whole unit is painted in an acrylic paint in your FLN colours.
Inside: The inside of the tank is pickled and passivated.
Advertising: Not foreseen in this offer.


Date: In mutual agreement.
Delivery: Ready to operate but without suctions hoses and other equipment, unless mentioned earlier in this offer.
Manual: The unit is foreseen with an operations manual and a manual for complete maintenance.
Training: Our company provides operate training.


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